We have been waiting for a survivor leader to rise up and put an easy to understand guide together for both victims and activists. Rebecca writes just like she speaks, with confidence and familiarity. Outstanding! Roadmap to Redemption is not only a story of hope for anyone to read, but it allows victims of sexual exploitation immediate access to a mentor in the comfort of their home. This should be the go-to for any survivor looking to turn her tragedy into triumph!
    — Congressman Linda Smith (1994-1999) Founder and President Shared Hope International
  • "Rebecca may have wrote Roadmap to Redemption with Christian survivors of sex trafficking in mind, but this workbook is essential for any woman who wants to work through ANY abuse or trauma in her past. If you want to dive deeper into your faith and healing then work alongside Rebecca as she shares her truth, giving us the courage to embrace our own!"
    — Carissa Phelps, Author of Runaway Girl: Escaping Life on the Streets (Viking 2012)
  • “The needs of girls who have experienced the horror of sexual exploitation are so vast. Beyond therapeutic intervention and a safe refuge for recovery, each girl needs someone she can identify with and receive advice and comfort. Rebecca is that person. The value that Rebecca 's book brings to a survivor is her experience, not just her experience of exploitation, but her experience toward healing and wholeness. Since most survivors have difficulty believing there is hope, Rebecca 's story and experience shines a light they can walk toward. I do believe this is groundbreaking both for the girl who reads it and for those who care about trafficked girls.”
    — Mary Frances Bowley CEO/President Wellspring Living Author of The White Umbrella
  • “I have had the privilege of listening to Rebecca Bender speak about human trafficking. She is an amazing woman. Rebecca is a dynamic speaker. She is very personalbe and really engages her audience. I cannot say enough about the impact she has had on me and my staff about this important topic. All healthcare professionals should make the time to hear her message. I highly recommend hthat you make the opportunity to have Rebecca speak to your organization.”
    — Marlene A Covey, M.D. Women's Health Center of Southern Oregon
  • “Rebecca Bender may understand better than anyone I've ever met the power of healing and restoration through Christ. Roadmap to Redemption is the hand of Christ guiding someone into a journey of healing. As a pastor I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking healing and restoration. What makes this book so powerful is that Rebecca has walked down this road. It reminds me of Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness. After his wilderness experience scripture tell us he emerged filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Rebecca has emerged from her journey filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and this book guides her reader into that same journey.”
    — Sean Wrench, Executive Director, Forsaken Generation Auburn, NY
  • “Read your book WOW what a good job you did. Found so many things that are good for all who have any addiction, mine happens to be food. Praise God for the way he is using you and that you are willing to serve HIM. I have Loved you since you and your family since you were born. Keep up the good work.”
    — S. Lewis, Community Advocate
  • "Rebecca has done an incredible job connecting intimately with the reader by sharing her own story and encouraging the reader to the same. Her writing voice is relevant to the youth we work with and they have said that they like that it “feels like she’s right here with us.” Thank you Rebecca for this extremely helpful resource for our ministry and the youth we have committed ourselves too. As one of the 16 year olds that is going through this 9 week workbook puts it, “it was exactly what I needed.”
    — Stephanie Holt, executive director, Mission 21
  • "The book was terrifying at first. You really begin to understand, and are able to identify pimps of all kinds. It wasn't easy, but chapter 3 and on has given me such a new hope. I have been sitting down, and really praying over my goals. I cried as I would read them out loud, because my self esteem and hope had been ripped from me. I stopped having dreams after that, and had accepted that way of life as my only obtainable life. I have never had this much confidence that I may actually have a future outside of trafficking and dancing. The book has encouraged me, and has helped me to lay out a plan for my life after trauma."
    — B. Nixon, Survivor