Rebecca Bender, CEO & Founder, Survivor Leader
Rebecca Bender was lured out of Oregon at the vulnerable age of 18 by a notorious pimp. Manipulated into a life of chaos, coerced into prostitution and finally abused and controlled by her trafficker, Rebecca was forced into sex trafficking for nearly 6 years. Many attempted escapes, two brandings and several pimps later, Federal Investigators raided the home, allowing her an eventual avenue for escape. Rebecca's story of resilience and trainings on this underground world, are top notch. She's trained FBI, Homeland Security, undercover, SVU, former presidents, medical professionals, prosecutors and more. Her speaking engagements always include her personal story and inspiring call to action, reminding people that their past doesn't have to determine their destiny. She also speaks on leadership and founding non-profits. Rebecca serves on the board of Exodus Cry, is a member of the Survivor Leader Institute and serves as Co-Chair on the DOJ Human Trafficking Advisory Council. On her free time, you can find Rebecca with her four lively daughters and husband enjoying their home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

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Kathy Bryan, RBI Program Director, Survivor Leader
A successful speaker, consultant, and mentor, Kathy Bryan has a unique way of conveying the horrific truths of human trafficking in a relatable way. Weaving her own experience into her presentation, she leaves listeners enlightened, engaged and inspired to action. Whether you speak with her one on one of hear her present to a room of 800, you will feel she is speaking directly to you.
Kathy trains a variety of service providers nationwide, including law enforcement, medical professionals, and community service providers. She was instrumental in changing the human trafficking legislation in her state by testifying before both the Arkansas House and the Senate.  Kathy is also a member of the Survivor Leader Institute and National Survivor Network.
Kathy joined RBI in 2014 as Lead Mentor, and a member of the Speakers Team, quickly being promoted to Program Director. 
Kathy and her husband Keith of thirty years love spending time with their 8 grands, whom they adore! Any free time they carve out is spent traveling through their beautiful Arkansas and the world beyond.   

Elle Snow, Survivor Leader, RBI Speaker

Elle Snow, a survivor of Domestic Sex Trafficking, is helping to lead the battle against commercial sexual exploitation through prevention education, training, and advocacy.
Born a natural speaker, Elle invites the learner to look past the common myths and misconceptions that surround the world of the commercial sex industry. She is currently providing educational training to service providers, social workers, medical staff, youth groups, community members, foster parents, victim advocates, and law enforcement agencies throughout the nation.
Elle has been recognized by Congress and Senate Members for her work in the anti-trafficking movement. She is a member of Soroptimist, The Survivor-Leaders Institute, and The National Survivor Network.
Elle is CO-creator/producer of Jane Doe in Wonderland, a play that depicts the reality of sex trafficking in America. This play is written by Dell' Arte students; Kate Tobie, Erin Johnson, and Grace Booth.
Ms. Snow is also currently a Speaker on The Rebecca Bender Initiative Speakers Team, as well as  Founder/Board President of GAME OVER.  Elle is more than a survivor. In her off time, she is an artist, a cook, and an activist.
Chelan Russ, Modern Day Abolitionist
Chelan Rene' Russ is seriously passionate about freedom and identity! For three years, she organized annual community events to shine a light on human trafficking in Portland, Oregon. And in 2013, her focus narrowed to prevention via education. That year, she became a certified Presenter of Deceptions”, a curriculum designed to teach middle and high schoolers about boundaries, traffickers, and internet safety. 
Staying true to her calling to prevent sex trafficking, she later became an ambassador for The Prevention Project, which educates young people on the lures of trafficking in an oversexualized culture, and invests in their character and leadership development. In order to be prepared to help any more survivors that cross her path, she also became a  Certified Mentor.
Chelan has continuously demonstrated leadership in her church as the point person for Human Trafficking ministry. She supports her husband who also speaks there, and she has helped lead worship for nearly 20 years. This mom of two loves learning about healing and the Holy Spirit. Nothing gets her more excited than the thought of Christ setting people free.
Chelan is a joyful, energetic speaker who thrives in rural-community and classroom environments.
Jessa Dillow Crisp, Survivor Leader
Jessa a respected speaker, writer, and mentor,  uses her childhood experience of severe abuse and trafficking to illustrate both the stark realities of sex trafficking, and the truth that healing transformation is possible.  After her escape and recovery process, Jessa got her degree in Christian Counseling and is presently working on her Master’s as a step towards obtaining a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. In addition to being part of the RBI speaking team, Jessa is the Director of the Carriers of Hope program in Denver, CO. Jessa inspires others through faith based and non-faith based speaking engagements around the world, gives hope through mentoring other survivors of human trafficking, and provides high quality training and consultation services to anti-trafficking organizations around the USA. Some highlights of Jessa's speaking career include speaking with legislators at the Colorado State Capitol, keynoting at the ANSR Sociological Research Conference, and speaking with best selling author, Linda Dillow, in Budapest, Hungary. When she is not working, Jessa enjoys hiking Colorado's mountains with her husband, finds delight in artistically expressing herself through watercolor and photography, and is passionate about deeply connecting with people over freshly brewed coffee.