Excellent presentation and dynamic presenter. Really helped in understanding what happened with a survivor - grooming, controlled etc.
— Cook County Task Force
Her knowledge and her ability to communicate make her a fierce leader in the anti-trafficking movement.
— Bonnie Martin, M.ED, LPC
Her style of presentation engaged the students’ attention to the point that they swarmed to greet her at the end.
— Julie Phipps, ACSI
Rebecca offers transparency, humor, depth and an authenticity that is refreshing in today’s training sector. She has a natural and rare stage presence which sets her apart from the crowd and ensures that she can engage any audience on any topic, any day of the week.
— Elizabeth Scaife, Shared Hope International
Rebecca is a leader destined to change the culture of an entire generation.The right place in time, the right message, the right compelling personalityand presentation ability. Her vision and boldness will undoubtedly give newpurpose and resolve to any audience.
— Caleb LaPlante, Rotary Coordinator